Prophets on Billboards

A while ago, driving northbound on the 405, there was this billboard with an African-American man wearing a purple robe, I can’t remember if he was holding some sort of scepter, but let’s just say that he was, and with huge print PROPHET next to his name.
The billboard was advertising that if you need answers, or prayers prayed on your behalf, come see this prophet and he’ll help you out.

Fair enough.
Perhaps he helps a lot of people. I’m not here to judge or say that he’s wrong or a false prophet.
All I’m gonna say is that, you know, we should go by the Old Testament standards with prophets.
Those whose prophecy does not come true, they were killed.
So I think those who are willing to declare themselves prophets and prophetess should be held to that same standards.
Something tells me that if we enforce this, the number of those who claim to be prophets and prophetesses today may decline.

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