3 thoughts on “Too Salty?

  1. Can a Christian be to salty? No. It is our nature. For each of us it is the unequivocal expectation of our Lord and Savior. and for each of us it is the very character of our daily life for Christ.

  2. Earl – I perfectly understand where you are coming from. But there are those out there who do more damage by proclaiming their faith than further the kingdom of God on earth.
    Not everyone who claims the name Christian shows the love and mercy Jesus taught and showed.
    Perhaps David has a point with those who are very Pharisaic. Perhaps, they’ve become so salty, they no longer have use for the kingdom of God.

    Or perhaps, I’m just way off…
    But for some reason the passage ‘not everyone who says Lord, Lord will enter the kingdom of heaven’ comes to mind..

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