What We Are

As pastors, sometimes we are:

Teachers, preachers, counselors. Sometimes we’re confidants, administrators, secretaries. Sometimes we’re scholars, fixer-uppers, custodians. Sometimes we have all the answers, most of times we have none of the answers. Sometimes we’re heaven-sent and other times… well… Sometimes we’re prophets, sometimes we’re poets. Sometimes we’re revolutionist, apologetics, missionaries, that weird person that has to say something before we eat. Sometimes we’re that shoulder that someone needs to cry on, or that wall someone needs to lean on. Sometimes we are bearer of great news, and bearers of not so good news. Sometimes we’re cheerleaders and sometimes we really need to chastise. A bit. Sometimes we go with flow, sometimes we stir the pot. Sometimes we’re personality managers, conflict managers, the resident techie, the church van driver, the scape goat, the hero, the face of the church, the butt of the church, the life of the party, the butt of all the jokes. Sometimes we’re really appreciated and well loved. Sometimes we may be ran out of the church and the town. Sometimes we’re life changers and sometimes we’re just babysitters. Sometimes we love our church members, and sometimes, here’s a secret, we can’t stand some church members. But we love them anyway. Or at least we should… Sometimes we irritating and annoying. Sometimes we are uplifting and grace-filled. Sometimes we have to be the mediator, the event organizer, the emcee, the plumber, the mechanic (even if all we know is how to hook up the jumper cables the correct way), the musician, the critic. Sometimes we have to eat so many casseroles that people bring us, that we don’t want to see another casserole for the rest of our lives. Sometimes, we gain weight because people insist on feeding us. Even if we just ate. Sometimes we’re deeply trusted, sometimes people trust us as far as they can throw us. (And that depends on how many casseroles you’ve been fed.) And all the time, we’re loved deeply by God.

and yet… some people think we do nothing but work only on Sundays…

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