Hungover in the Pews

I never really understood it.
And it always annoyed me when I saw hungover people on church Sunday mornings.

It just never really made sense to me. Why come to church when you’re hung over?
I could only think of a few things. One you go to church because you have a sense of obligation or because you’ve been to church for all your life, that it’ll feel weird not being there on Sunday. Well, in either of those cases, church, then becomes more about you than God, no? Does God want us to worship him out of obligation? Who wants someone to love us because they HAVE to? Or, does God want us to worship him out of habit and routine?

Another reason maybe is that they just want to go to church.
But, if you want to go to church, why go out the night before and get hammered? If church is that important and that exciting to you, then why put yourself in a position to be a zombie the following morning?

I would think that church is the last place I’d wanna be hung over.

3 thoughts on “Hungover in the Pews

  1. Sometimes when people are desperate or feeling crappy they go to church. It’s rarely a place where first aid is extended but often people are yearning for that, or a cure, deep inside. There are plenty of people at war with themselves and their addictions sitting in the pews. And they may even want to confess, and repent. And filling up with the Holy Spirit is better than what they did the night before, right?

  2. Ah. Very good points.
    But I guess, what I left out is those that I’ve personally witnessed… they’re in the back kinda dozing off… which always made me wonder… why not sleep in the comfort of your bed…

    But who am I to say anything… I don’t know what’s going on…

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