Are Some of Us Insane?

I’m sure many of us are familiar with this:
Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. – Einstein.

Along with that quote and a video from youtube I posted a while back:

Are we a bit insane?
From my small and general observation, I think a church’s biggest enemy is if the church was booming and big in the past.
We learned in Psych 101 of the fight or flight reaction. But, is it fair to say that some of our local churches dig their heels into the ground and stare at the headlights of the oncoming car of change? Or, like Ostriches, do we put our heads in the sand? Is that fighting or flighting?
Churches that were big in the 70’s and 80’s and now are facing a big decline, a similar thread of thought seems to be “hey, it worked for us before, it’ll work again. you wait and see.”

Or perhaps, I’m just the real crazy one.
Which is a very big strong possibility.

One thought on “Are Some of Us Insane?

  1. Challenging the base Fight or Flight instinct was a couple of other reactions that I was told/reminded about by a psychologist a few years ago.

    Freeze or Fornicate. These additional responses are what we do when confronted by difficult situations.

    I fear that we have not even bothered with fight or flight, let alone fornicate (which leads, in essence, to adding people to the populace), but are simply stuck a at Freeze

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