Too Much?

There’s a question in the ordination exams that asks this:

4. You are seeking to join an annual conference that has experience more than 3 decades of decline and has scores of struggling churches? How will you address this reality in your ministry as an Elder?
I’ve answered it as honestly and truthfully as I am possible of answering anything. To a point, I may think this question, may hinder my process to pass the exams.
I just had to ask, in answering, what are the Powers that Be doing to address these situations. I think it’s a fair question to ask.
I’m not being critical or scathing or blaming anyone, necessarily.
I’m just speaking from the heart and the truth because we have the right theology for the right time, but our methodology is broken. So I think it’s fair to turn the question around and ask the BOOM and others, how they are dealing with the issues of decline and struggles.

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