• Why Tradition is Important 3 of 4

    I think tradition gets a bad rap. Tradition makes some people think of stiff and old… and especially when used to describe worship. But the people who vouch for contemporary worship often forget to realize that they are creating traditions of their own and it will become a traditional worship to them… in a sense.… Continue Reading

  • Why Reason is Important 2 of 4

    Experiencing an encounter with God may lead us closer to God, but we need to be rational in our thinking and have sensible interpretation of the Bible. When we take out reasoning from our spiritual journey, well, I feel we end up living in a bubble and separating ourselves from reality. Yes, there’s a sense… Continue Reading

  • Why Experience is Important 1 of 4

    Growing up, I was a huge 49ers fan. It was the first football team I ever saw on TV when I moved to America. Big fan of Jerry Rice, big fan of Cool Joe Montana, and eventually became a huge fan of Steve Young. I can tell you the starting D of the 94-95 Super… Continue Reading

  • Buzz…

    I attended a conference last year and sat in a workshop for church marketing. Throughout the entire workshop, there was an uneasy feeling within me. It wasn’t the speaker. He was great. And throughout the conference, I attended his workshops the most. But, I guess I just never felt comfortable with marketing and the church.… Continue Reading

  • Dear Mr. Dan Snyder

    A lot of people are calling for your blood and blaming you for the state of the Redskins since you began your ownership. I am not one of those people. In fact, I know that you want to win and win badly. Otherwise, you wouldn’t show how deep your pockets are and spend as freely… Continue Reading

  • Things That Happen at Starbucks V

    This is confession time. (Do Catholic priest allow non Catholics to confess…?) Anyway, I forget why I was in a crappy mood, but I was in. And I know it was over nothing big.  It’s funny how we all sweat the small stuff, and let it snow ball into this huge negativity. Not only that,… Continue Reading

  • The Comfort of Distance

    It’s easy to care and be concerned for someone from a distance. It’s seems like that’s what we do best in our Christian lives. We love God from a distance, because when we know that we allow ourselves to come too close to God, we can’t help but leave changed and altered. Even, maybe with… Continue Reading