Vampire UMC

Some of us might as well go and have our names changed to that, with all the talk about “we want new blood” that goes around in some our churches. And the appropriate saying that follows “we want/need new blood” seems to be so “that we can suck them dry.” Now, while we might not go out and actually admit that, but it’s what we want, right? New blood that will give. Give their money, their time, their children, their lives… and their souls. But, not in a soul transformation because of the grace of God way.

Perhaps if Robert Pattinson was the pastor, this would work beyond our wildest dreams…

The thing that I learned this past weekend:
Church growth is a lousy, lousy, lousy goal.
If our goal is to have more new blood and more new members, we’re not really going anywhere.
Church growth is a wonderful and celebrated result, but should not be the goal.
Instead, the goal of our churches should be helping people encounter the grace of God that leaves us altered and transformed, or as the UMC says ” to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.”

One thought on “Vampire UMC

  1. Maybe we should put garlic in our visitor packets? That might shorten the passing of the peace time too!

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