Who John the Baptist Was Not

John Baptist was a man with a clear vision and a clear mission. He knew exactly what his life was calling.
But what I find it more interesting is how clear he was in who he was NOT.
Everyone, (well maybe a lot of people) asked him if was Christ. John could’ve said ‘yes’ and many would’ve believed. But John was clear that all he was a way to make the road to people and Jesus a bit more straight. He knew that he was unworthy to untie the sandals of the one to come. John was clear, very clear of who he was not.

Are we that clear in our ministry as minister?
Sometimes, it happens, we end up becoming the message instead of the mere messenger.
Sometimes, it may happen because we wanted to, or sometimes, we just get lost in the compliments and adoration that people give us. The consequences can be deadly, can’t it? (Acts 12:19b-25).
It’s a tough and fine line that we walk as preachers and leaders. It’s a real temptation to make things about us.
But like, John, we need to be clear in who we are not. We are not the message. Simply the messengers. (I guess this time “don’t kill the messenger” doesn’t really apply to us, does it?)
Bruce Stillman says this: You don’t lead to be loved, you lead to be truthful.

May we remember that this is never about us, or our ministries. May we never get so confused that our hands have done nothing, and it is God’s hands who has created the universe, not ours.
And may our egos never get in the way of the glory of God.

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