Things That Happen at Starbucks V

This is confession time. (Do Catholic priest allow non Catholics to confess…?)

Anyway, I forget why I was in a crappy mood, but I was in. And I know it was over nothing big.  It’s funny how we all sweat the small stuff, and let it snow ball into this huge negativity.
Not only that, I was sitting next to an old couple who decided to stop reading their respective books and start arguing about how the husband made her garden and front yard ugly. I never seen elderly people use that kind of language ever. I was horrified, as well as entertained, but mostly, distracted, because they were right next to me. The mouth on the lady… geez.

Anyway, this lady came in very broken and very humble, with a sign asking for any cash at that moment. I guess she couldn’t speak English very well.
But, I didn’t have any cash (I usually don’t carry cash around with me anyhow…) but what I did was embarrassing. I buried my head into my book and never looked up.
No one else in the Starbucks helped her either.
This happened a week ago, and I still can’t completely let go of the guilt. It’s not guilt from not giving her money (I wouldn’t have anyhow, but maybe bought her a cup of coffee) but it’s the fact that I tried to ignore her that bothers me more than anything. And also that everyone else ignored her too. Which means, the one with the bible on his table (me) shouldn’t have been joining the others in their ignoring.

The worst of it all is that this just comes off the heels of me preaching about generosity and how our overflow may be another’s necessity.
I completely dropped the ball on this one.

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