• No More Guaranteed Appointments

    Let me be clear and up front: I haven’t thought this through, and am thinking as I type. Probably not the best way to go. But I think one way to really shape our clergy (myself included) is to stop guaranteeing appointments when ordained. Now, I speak in very broad and general terms, but what… Continue Reading

  • Moses and Me

    For the past month, Moses’ story has been resonating with me. Loudly. For some reason, I started viewing Moses as an arrogant misguided person while living as an Egyptian Hebrew. He knew he wasn’t an Egyptian. Yet he lived like one. And probably had more privileges than a normal Egyptian citizen. He knew that his… Continue Reading

  • Sometimes Grace Means Get Out?

    Earlier this month, I heard a story about Mike Slaughter, the pastor of Ginghamsburg Church that made me giggle in delight. I was thoroughly excited and pumped up and hoped that I could do the same thing when the situation calls for it. The story goes (this part may be a juxtaposition of another UMC… Continue Reading

  • Prayers That Lead to… Nothing?

    Sometimes, I feel like prayer is an excuse that allows us to be safe from where we are and really get involved. I’m not saying that we do this all the time… but I know from my own experience, that it’s easier to say “Man, we need to pray for the homeless” rather than praying… Continue Reading

  • Continued Frustrations

    Recently, I attended a workshop on how to be/create Covenant Discipleship groups. We broke up into groups, and my group consisted of all the provisional clergy. For those that are not familiar, Covenant Discipleship groups are small groups that watch over one another in love. We come up with a ‘contract’ and meet weekly to… Continue Reading

  • Dear God…

    “Dear God, Forgive me for thinking too highly of myself.       Dear God, Forgive me for thinking too low of myself.     Dear God, Forgive me for thinking of myself too much.”