Stop Saying That You’re a Christian. Please.

Can we make a rule for “celebrities” or anyone that appears on TV for a limited time?
That rule is that if they are Christian, that they stop going around and telling people that they are.
And I know the next few words and paragraphs are going to sound very judgmental and even unChristian like, so I apologize ahead of time.

But it annoys me when people on TV claim to be Christian but do more harm than help.
It bothers me that people like Heidi and Spencer Pratt are out there being hot dogs… then claim to be loving Christians, then … nevermind. But you get the point. I just feel that I may be coming off as hypocritical and judgmental (which I probably am being). I mean you have reality tv contestant Omarosa, who was known for being evil (and I choose the nicer word), entering seminary and then now working on a dating show with Donald Trump. I wish I had time to juggle seminary and working on a TV show. Or is she even going through with seminary and being a pastor?
Then you have the Gosselins… interesting enough, Willow Creek on their information center (when I visited last summer) notes that their largest number of attendees was when Kate Gosselin worshiped with them. I saw that on the paper, and asked myself, was it necessary to make that note? Couldn’t they have just said “Our largest attendance was in December of 2008 with odd thousands of members” and not mention the attendance of the Gosselins?

Or then, there’s former Ms. California… nevermind again.

I guess my biggest problem is that these “celebrities” are out there just claiming the Name.
I think in the ancient church, when someone claimed to be a healer s/he didn’t just talk about their healing stories, who they healed, how they healed… they were known as healers because they continued to heal people. And if you wanted to be known as a healer, you didn’t talk about it, you went out and healed!

So, I think it’s just safe for many of us, especially me, to stop saying we’re Christians and concentrate more on being Christians.

2 thoughts on “Stop Saying That You’re a Christian. Please.

  1. Great quote from this past weekend’s “This American Life” on NPR, “Sinners like Jesus… but they don’t like Jesus’ people.” – Jim Henderson, author of “Evangelism Without Additives”

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