Awkward Moments of Worship… At Least For Me

I believe many churches do a good job of welcoming new people, introducing them to others, helping them find a seat and so forth, all before worship begins.
But I think one of the loneliest parts of worship, as a guest, is right after the benediction, when everyone’s in the a hurry to go back home, get in the car, make the brunch time for a restaurant, scurry off into meetings, etc. The guests are left to fend for themselves… at least that’s been my experience.
I have to say, though, our church seems to be good at the welcoming part before and after the worship service.

I also don’t like it when I’m visiting a church and the pastor makes all the new comers stand up and introduce themselves. It’s really a terrifying moment for me, and am always wishing that I can blend in and no one notice that I’m new (hard to do when I’m the only minority in the room..)

I also find the passing of the peace awkward. But that’s more on a personal level than anything else. I do think it’s nice and necessary (albeit, forced at times) to see who is worshiping with you.

These are the random thoughts I had today, while watching the rain fall on a cold SoCal day. Back to “work.”

3 thoughts on “Awkward Moments of Worship… At Least For Me

  1. I grew up in one of those churches that made newcomers stand and embarrass themselves, er, and be greeted. We had “visitor cards” to help “recognize” them. So my brother and a friend and I conspired and turned in a card for Mr. and Mrs. Jim Shoes & family, whose name the pastor read from the pulpit. After nobody stood, he repeated himself… and then realized he’d been had. His exact quote: “Brian Vinson, I’m going to kill you!”

  2. I can totally see your point, but God is moving in the hearts of His TRUE Believers that are sick and tired of church. What I am referring to are all of the things we associate God with when we think of “church”. What are some of the things that come to your mind when you think of “church”? Going to a building and sitting in a seat/pew every Sunday morning/weeknight and singing a few worship songs, listening to a sermon/message preached by the pastor/bishop and then going home but not really applying what you’ve just heard and experienced when you just finished worshiping God and you just got done hearing the pastor/bishop preach a word that God gave to them to preach to the congregation. Am I right or am I right? THAT is what God is sick of, and I am too. Personally, I could care less about sitting in a church seat/pew just so I can hear a “feel-good” message about “God’s gonna bless me in this new season”, all the while there’s stuff that I need help with but the church doesn’t want to touch it. Sound familiar? That’s because WAY too many churches are EXACTLY like that: POWERLESS AND PATHETIC. Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy congregating with my fellow Believers in Jesus Christ, but I’m not going to do it just for the sake of doing it. I’m going to do it because God wants me to do it. I’m not here on this earth to please people. If anyone that reads this likes or doesn’t like what I’ve said, OH WELL AND SO WHAT! This is just where I am right now concerning the way I see most churches. Not all churches are pathetic and powerless, of course, but there’s WAY too many that are, and the reason is because they’re STILL on the milk of God’s Word and have YET to start eating of the MEAT of God’s Word, which are the hard truths that cause us to SERIOUSLY look at ourselves and examine our steps BEFORE we take them so we don’t make any missteps. How many churches out there have a pastor/bishop that has a REAL backbone that’s not afraid to offend the congregation with the HARD truths in God’s Word? Jesus asked His own disciples that very thing when He spoke a hard truth to them: “Does this offend you?” I’m asking you that very same question: Does what I have said offend you, or do you have the spiritual guts to stand up and say “I’M SICK OF PLAYING CHURCH! I WANT MORE OF GOD! THIS ISN’T CUTTING IT ANYMORE!”

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