• Jesus Must Be So Proud

    edit: fixed the link. seriously. click on that. if that doesn’t make you feel giggly or weird… then you’re not human. Looking at my last few post, I’ve been a bit cranky, cynical and critical. I apologize. And I’m sorry to say that it’s not going to be that different this post. But before I… Continue Reading

  • Not Of This World

    I’ve been seeing more and more of these NOTW stickers on cars that pass by me (often those who cut me off… but never mind that). I guess I can be happy for those who are willing to display their faith and belief for the world to see (please be better drivers, though). But in… Continue Reading

  • Life Altering Grace

    I think we have a tendency to shame people into repentance. Perhaps we do it without knowing, or perhaps it’s done purposefully, hoping that their shame will really bring about change. I’ve been thinking about people who fall dramatically, especially people of the church. And a lot of times, the thing that seems to be… Continue Reading

  • Not Everyone Who Says Lord, Lord…

    Look. I think we should all be careful on how much we invoke the name of the Lord in our day to day lives. Some people are just too darn caught up in trying to act like a Christian that they forget to actually be one. And I think people just don’t realize how much… Continue Reading

  • Apportionments

    So, okay. I have to admit, I’m still learning A LOT about the Order part of our calling. But, is it far fetched for me to say that it seems our Conference (and denomination) has a tendency to “tax” (or even punish) those churches who are being effective and growing by raising the amount of… Continue Reading

  • Be Still…

    There’s a small ritual that I do when I’m at Starbucks. Years ago, I started doing this to further procrastinate. Nowadays, there’s a bigger and deeper purpose for the ritual. As soon as I get my drink and sit down at a table, I don’t do anything. All my books and Bible are already laid… Continue Reading

  • Everything is Spiritual: Roots

    I’ve been trying to really get into two hobbies of mine. Okay, they’re not really hobbies, but things I enjoy doing very much. They both keep my mind off of work but keep me in thoughts of God and keep me in reflection. One is music and just mindlessly playing the guitar and the other… Continue Reading