And We Wait

So many things up in the air. It’s easy to feel uneasy.
I guess the biggest thing that’s weighing on my mind is the date March 3rd. That’s when my interview for full membership is scheduled for. However, my papers have not been read yet. The email said that they will let us know the week before our scheduled interview date if our papers have passed or not, meaning I won’t know if I’ll have an interview until the week before March 3. I’m confident in what I wrote, but not confident in if it’ll pass. They asked hard questions, and I answered them the only way I know how: bluntly honest. And so far, that has gotten me into a lot of trouble in my life. I need to learn how to be tactfully honest.

It’s going to be a long two months, but thankfully, February is a short month.
But God’s been opening my eyes and heart to a lot of things. I guess sort of helping me see things God’s way and not mine.
If I don’t pass, sure I’ll be disappointed and probably be more annoyed. But I trust that God has everything under God’s control and things will happen in God’s time. That may not sound much, but it took me a whole month to finally say those words.
And God’s been doing that in other aspects of my life.

I’m anxious. But I’m also relaxed. I’m a walking contradiction.
Let’s just wait and see what adventures God has planned for me in the upcoming weeks.
At least God’s never dull or boring.

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