Everything is Spiritual: Roots

Dead Leaves

I’ve been trying to really get into two hobbies of mine. Okay, they’re not really hobbies, but things I enjoy doing very much. They both keep my mind off of work but keep me in thoughts of God and keep me in reflection. One is music and just mindlessly playing the guitar and the other is photography. I’m not good at both, and hope to improve in both areas.

Taking the camera along helps me to stop and pay attention to the things around me. Things that I may miss because I’m in rushing along. God is truly amazing in the little things we often ignore.

The picture above is from my backyard. I’ve been staring at that thing for months before I finally got around to clearing it. Before I did, I wanted to take a picture of it. I have no idea why. And as I was taking a picture of it, I realized how blaring the leaves reminded me of my relationship with God here and there.

It got me thinking: what is my life really rooted in?
I tore the roots of that plant months ago, and it didn’t take long for it to wither, die and just hang around.
Is my life rooted in God’s word, God’s love and God’s presence?
Or is my life rooted in doing work and disguising it as ministry? Is my life rooted in being a human doing rather than a loved human being?
If the latter is the case, it’s not long until these truths become uncovered and everyone sees the brown, withering leaves of my heart. We can only fake it for so long.
What about our churches?
Are our churches rooted in the truth and love of God? Are our churches rooted in the mission of Jesus? Or are our churches rooted in traditions of the church (not Church, big difference) and stuck in the “this is how we’ve always done it” method?
Are we trying to fulfill the purpose of God or are we trying to appease the members of our church?

There is no doubt that without being rooted in God, our loves will soon turn brown and wither away. Maybe the joy of just being alive will be replaced with endless worries and anxieties. Maybe the grace of God will be replaced with the void and the constant nagging feeling “something’s just missing.”

I think it’s good to sit down and really dig down and ask “what is my life rooted in?” Is it money? Is it our career? Is it fame? Personal goals? Or is it rooted in the everlasting hope, abundance in strength and never-ending love of God?

And then take a walk. A slow walk. No running. No hurrying. And pay attention to the beauty of God that surrounds us every single moment. Moments and instances that we miss because we are too focused on ourselves. Maybe you’ll also discover that God’s been trying to get your attention all this time.

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