So, okay. I have to admit, I’m still learning A LOT about the Order part of our calling.
But, is it far fetched for me to say that it seems our Conference (and denomination) has a tendency to “tax” (or even punish) those churches who are being effective and growing by raising the amount of apportionment that those churches have to pay?
A while ago, I posted a thought about salary cap for ministers, but would it seem effective to have some sort of salary cap for apportionments?

Please feel free to educate me on this question.

One thought on “Apportionments

  1. Growing up UM, I have continued to remain a supporter of our apportionments, and I still am. Through them we are able to do a world of good. See UMCOR for example and how we cover the overhead costs through apportionments so every dollar donated goes straight to where it’s needed.

    But I’m wondering, if a church, like mine, is able to squeak by and pay 100% apportionments, but then has no money to do real ministry, does that make us fruitful? While I still support apportionments, I also realize there is alot of bureaucratic money being spent. In good times, those dollars still do good. But in tight times like these, might we reallocate those resources to do real ministry in our own neighborhoods?

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