• You May Say I’m a Dreamer (Literally)

    Earlier this week, I had a real vivid dream. I was sitting on the couch, watching TV with my wife, a very normal-everyday event. My phone rang, I answered, and it was a good friend of mine who is pregnant. She was very excited because she was telling that her and her husband were going… Continue Reading

  • A Bible That is Falling Apart

    I saw that sign recently. And for some reason, it bugged the hell out of me. I know what it is implying. Someone who reads the bible a lot has a lot of wisdom in dealing with problems that the world throws at you. It goes along with the statement: “How do you spell love?… Continue Reading

  • Interesting Point

    Jim Wallis, in Rediscovering Values, makes an interesting observation. He writes: [There is a] contrast between the steadily declining prices of so many consumer goods, especially in the electronics and entertainment industries, and the dramatic rise in the cost of things like education… What gets cheaper and cheaper is looking at screens – flat screen… Continue Reading

  • In Where Set Backs Are a Part of Life

    I got the dreaded call earlier than I expected, which completely blind sided me. As of now, one of my papers did not pass, so I will not be eligible for the interview process. At this point, I hope that all 3 have failed. I assume come next week, I will learn the reasons why… Continue Reading

  • Rick Warren Is Nothing

    And, I don’t know him personally, but when asked, I’m sure that he’d say the same thing. In fact, I think he did say it at the conference. “God is God, I am not.” I went to Radicalis (www.radicalis.com) and heard Rick Warren speak/teach for the first time. I was really blessed and inspired and… Continue Reading

  • Oh Silly Thomas

    When I was a junior in high school, our friends got together to celebrate bringing in the New Year at a friend’s house (as was tradition). That year, I had to babysit my brother, so, I brought him along. He could just sit in the corner and be invisible. As long as he didn’t die,… Continue Reading

  • The Roads Not Taken (thankfully…)

    Today, I was thinking of where my life could’ve ended up had I been stubborn in my choices and decisions and taken different paths. Here are some uh… highlights? During my last year of college, I was taking a music theater class and there were auditions in Hawaii for singers/actors to be on the Disney… Continue Reading