What Kurt Warner Said Today

I couldn’t think of a better title…

I was listening to the Myer and Hartman radio show here on 570am. They were interviewing Kurt Warner, asking him about retirement, what he’s gonna do, who he likes for the Super Bowl, etc. Then Chris Myers asked Kurt about Kurt’s faith.

This is what Kurt said in response:
Everyday I tried to be consistent in what I do and how I live and the way I represent myself and also my God. And I think that’s been the key to this whole process… You have plenty of guys that come out and talk about their faith and good times… or when they think it’s appropriate and you see them do all kinds of other things and I think that’s where the problem comes in… I know not everybody… agrees with my faith or sees things similarly, but what I try to do is make it undeniable that what I believed, I also carried out in my life… that I was a representative of whatever I said on an everyday basis.

Boy, what Christianity looked today if we really tried to live by what we say…

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