• Funniest Line I Heard Today in Church

    “I love my church. 90% of them. But you know, in every church there’s that 10%… We’re all part of the body of Christ, and I always try to figure out what part this 10% would be… Like the appendix. You don’t know what its function is, but if it blows up, it can kill… Continue Reading

  • More Than 140 Characters

    Maybe you know this, maybe you don’t, but I do not like scary movies. Yet, when one piques my curiosity enough, I’ll watch it. Such was the case with Paranormal Activity a couple of nights ago. My wife thought it’ll be a great idea to watch the movie while in bed. I asked her if… Continue Reading

  • A Downside to Youth Ministry

    I am realizing that I am no longer that 23 year old who started his first official gig as a youth pastor. We had a lock-in this past weekend, and my body is STILL recovering from it. I remember when I could have a lock-in, study for an exam in seminary, lead youth worship on… Continue Reading

  • Disturbing Stories

    Where do we get this sense of entitlement from? I’ve been collecting (horror) stories about things that happen in churches over in Korea. I don’t know why. Maybe I’m listening with a critical ear, but majority of the stories I hear are negative and I just can’t wrap my head around what is going on… Continue Reading

  • Hiding Behind Prayer

    I have begun to notice how easy it is to actually have prayer hinder our efforts. There are fewer phrases that are more powerful and affirming and all the other good stuff than “I’ll pray for you.” But if we’re not careful, those words can be something we just rattle out to hide from the… Continue Reading