Clarifications Must Be Made

Yesterday’s post… I think I may have lead people to think that I was upset with the Board.

By all means, I was not!
I was very grateful that they wanted to have a conversation with me regarding my papers and were very acceptive to the constructive criticisms that they had for me. To the point, that I will be thoroughly embarrassed if I failed again.

The one comment about youth ministry was said as a side note, and it struck a cord, not because I felt they were belittling my experience or who I am as a pastor, but because of this misunderstanding of youth ministry that exists everywhere, and not just this denomination.
My intent was not to show frustration towards the Board, per se. Since we have spent over 20 million on this ReThink campaign, I just think many churches really need to rethink youth ministry and what youth ministry is really about, or should be about: discipleship not entertainment.

I think the Board would fully agree with me on that, especially if I am given a chance to explain what I said earlier.

I’m not angry with the Board. Not at all. I am thankful and grateful for the opportunity they gave me.
In fact, my not passing the papers, well it just goes along with the theme of my life in the past two years, and I will elaborate on that next week.

What I really want is for the churches to stop undermining youth ministry and the power and impact that youth can have in their churches, communities and the world. All they need are trusting and loving mentors to guide their way, and I just think it would be wonderful to have ordained elders more involved in youth ministry.

I will be more careful, from now on, to convey what I really mean.

hmmmm… maybe this was one of the reasons my paper didn’t pass.

One thought on “Clarifications Must Be Made

  1. May God guide you through the year ahead. I’m sure you are dealing with disappointment. Your advocacy for youth ministry is important, but have ears open to the words of your partners in ministry.

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