We Don’t Need You

Said in the right context and in the right way, I think that phrase might be the best compliment I could ever receive as a pastor. (Please note: the RIGHT context and in the RIGHT way)
Meeting with the new SPRC and also during an assessment I admitted that one of my big flaws is that I have been horrible at equipping and empowering. In Hawaii, looking back, those small group leaders that we had, I felt like I threw them to the wolves and was miffed at their shortcomings, when really, it was MY fault for not preparing them, equipping them and training them correctly. This is one area of my ministerial life that I really want to be well-equipped in.

In fact, I want to equip, train and empower others in ministry so much so that I may end up being out of a job. If that’s the way I was let go, I’d be perfectly happy with it.

I think a way to test the healthiness of your ministry is to step away and see what happens. Will the church run around, scrambling like a chicken without its head? Or would they not skip a beat? My hope and goal for my ministry is the latter.

I know too many pastors who are either too egotistical or too insecure (or both) to let others do certain areas of ministry. We just need to let those thoughts and ideas go and really start training and equipping people out of our own jobs. Of course, there’s ALWAYS a need for us pastors to be there, no matter how well we equip, train and empower people…. right?

2 thoughts on “We Don’t Need You

  1. So glad to know you get it. Now for the hard part-implementation.
    Also good to acknowledge that if you have worked yourself out of 1 job, you have a responsibility as the leader to be sniffing out new areas of ministry to begin working yourself out of that job

  2. Amen! The trick is it is not just you – you have to get the whole congregation or ministry team to that place that says it is good to work yourself out of a job, it is good for the pastor not to be the keystone in each ministry. It takes time for all of us to learn that process and it takes a lot of relationship-building – look at Jesus and the disciples.

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