More Than 140 Characters

Maybe you know this, maybe you don’t, but I do not like scary movies.
Yet, when one piques my curiosity enough, I’ll watch it.
Such was the case with Paranormal Activity a couple of nights ago.
My wife thought it’ll be a great idea to watch the movie while in bed. I asked her if she knew that most of the stuff takes place in the bedroom. “Oooh. All the more interesting.” Great.
Not to mention, it was midnight.
So I was scared out of my mind while watching the movie. The wife is drifting in and out of sleep watching.
I turned on the subtitles so I could watch the remainder of the movie with my fingers plugging my ears.
Let’s just say after the movie was over, I had a hard time falling asleep. The wife woke up for the last 10 minutes of the movie.
She then said, “When you fall asleep, I’m going to slowly pull the blankets off of you.”

I frantically wanted to go downstairs to grab a Disney DVD, but realized I packed all my DVDs already.
So there I was, lost in my own thoughts and my imagination running wild.
“What was that noise?”
“Is it always this noisy at night?”
“Is it always this quiet at night?”
“Was that the neighbors? What are they doing up?”

Eventually, I fell asleep.
Woke up in one piece. Got ready to go to the office.
Only to find out that somehow over the course of the night, our garage door was broken. It was working perfectly fine the day before.
A couple of hinges were broken and the spring was broken.

I don’t think I want to watch any more horror movies. At least not right before I go to bed…

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