• Stuff Christians Like

    I actually find this book rather funny. It’s a nice break from all the other reading I do. However, my wife and my brother didn’t find it as humorous and tickling as I did. But, his book has made me chuckle and laugh on several occasions. So far, this is the section that has made… Continue Reading

  • Getting My Feet Wet

    That’s basically how I feel within my first week of my new appointment. I’m learning the ropes and culture of this church. But I have to add that I am loving every moment of it. The staff and church members have been very gracious. My only concern at this point is how long will it… Continue Reading

  • Why I “Downgraded” (my phone)

    My T-Mobile Contract was running out and on top of that, I wanted to have a local number, so it was time to get a new phone. Of course, I would’ve loved getting an iPhone. And I thought about it. I wouldn’t have mind sticking with T-Mobile and getting the HTC phone or one of… Continue Reading

  • My See You Later

    Wow. Really? For me? Those were the words that were flowing through my mind as I was driving home with Rahel. I cannot believe you guys went through all that trouble for us. It was a real trip to see the In ‘N Out truck on the church parking lot. I couldn’t believe all of… Continue Reading

  • Hello People

    Got an email from one of the staff at Valencia asking for an introductory article for their May newsletter. I decided to play spoiler and just post it anyway on my blog. Mainly because with all the packing and transition stuff to take care, I have nothing substantial to blog about (not that my posts… Continue Reading

  • Christian Atheist

    I started reading Craig Groeschel’s Christian Atheist. I pre-ordered it on Amazon when I was browsing through some other books and the by-line of the title caught my attention: “Believing in God but living as if He doesn’t exist.” I just got done reading the introduction and it has already given me plenty to ponder… Continue Reading