Getting My Feet Wet

That’s basically how I feel within my first week of my new appointment.
I’m learning the ropes and culture of this church.
But I have to add that I am loving every moment of it.
The staff and church members have been very gracious.
My only concern at this point is how long will it take me to wear out my welcome. =)

Today at the staff meeting, I was having an ADD moment and letting my eyes explore the room while people were talking. (I hope I didn’t miss anything important. Just kidding. Of course I was paying attention.)
My eyes wandered to a framed picture behind where the pastor was sitting.
Well, it was more words than pictures, but the words that were printed said this: Want to make God laugh? Tell Him your future plans

And I giggled to myself, acknowledging how true those words are.
I do have a plan and an agenda for what I want to accomplish in my ministry.
But I am now wise enough to place everything before God and follow the vision and path of God.
Doing things my way will only get me so far, but do things God’s way and there are no limits.

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