• Thoughts from Sunday

    Despite what our political stance may be, we still need to honor those who have served and continue to serve. One of my favorite shows is Friday Night Lights, and Matt Saracen (a character) lost his father, who served the military. Matt didn’t have that much of a good relationship with his father, but the… Continue Reading

  • Quick Thought on Guaranteed Appointments

    Apparently, there has been some buzz about the possible introduction of a thought to get rid of guaranteed appointments come next General Conference… or something of that matter. I do know that it’s nowhere near being officially official, but that didn’t stop from people talking about it. My first immediate thought was this: that might… Continue Reading

  • Thoughts From Sunday

    I joked with my senior pastor that his sermon better lead me into speaking tongues. It did not happen. But it was a wonderful celebration of Pentecost, Baptisms and Confirmations, Graduating seniors… It was a wonderful day Our children’s musical was fantastic! Thank you for all the people who put so much work, effort and… Continue Reading

  • One Knee At a Time

    Last night, I got to hang out with the CCK (Christ Centered Kids) group. They are our 5th and 6th graders. Come this fall, about 15 or so 6th graders are moving up to our Youth Ministry. I think a normal youth pastor would be thrilled at this thought. But, I find myself being terrified.… Continue Reading

  • Giving God the Middle Finger?

    Yesterday, I was driving home with KFC in my car. I was craving chicken because the night before, Jake and Alan were eating chicken on Two and a Half Men. So the chicken’s in my car, I’m heading home when this old lady turns into the street cutting me off. I was in a hurry,… Continue Reading

  • 10 Things That I Think from Sunday

    1) It’s always great to see a youth Sunday where the youth does more than just hand out bulletins. Everyone and their mothers should be proud of the youth of Valencia UMC Youth ministry. Everyone did an amazing job. I shouldn’t speak on behalf of God, but I know that they brought a smile onto… Continue Reading

  • Confessions of a Dork

    So, I was in my car, when a paper I needed fell to the passenger side floor. Being buckled in, I knew there was no way for me to reach it while stopped @ the red light. So what did I do? I put my hand out, hoping by some sort of miracle that God,… Continue Reading