Dear President Obama

Please invite me to the White House for a little get together.
I have no political issues to talk about. But I do have a personal agenda.
I just want to quiet down those naysayers who say to me “You wouldn’t wear such a thing if you were to ever meet the president” when talking about the clothes I choose to wear to church.
When someone does say that, I can say, “Well as a matter of fact, I did” and pull out a picture of you and me kicking it in pair of jeans.

It’s just a worn out argument that people keep throwing at me and those like me and I’d like to just shut that argument out of my life forever, but would need your help (or any other former Presidents of the U S of A) in order to do so.

You always have to wonder, does God care what we wear to church? Or are we straining gnats?

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