Discipleship: Follow Me

There was a tragic accident this past week that left section of the roads closed near our church and home.
Because of the closed roads, I didn’t know how to get home.
So one of the adult youth leaders volunteered to lead us in the right direction of the road.
She said, “Follow me and you take the left turn that comes up after my left turn.” Actually, I know she said a lot more than that, but that’s all I heard.
So, I went straight ahead when she took a left, like I thought I was supposed to.
Of course this was completely wrong, and the wife sitting next to me continued to talk away about how I never listen or follow directions correctly.
I ended up in a dead end street, and realized that the youth leader kept following me after I failed to follow her.
She then told me to roll down my window and said, “Just follow me all the way.”
She led me all the way to our apartment. Never mind that the wife didn’t stop talking about my lack of directional skills.

It was a funny moment, and grateful that the church member went out of her way to show me how to get home.
But, it also reminded me about my faith journey, and not just mine but a lot of people’s in general.
How easily do we get distracted from the route? Or end up taking a wrong turn?
But the good news is that no matter how many wrong turns we take, when we truly embrace the grace and love of Christ, Christ gets us back on track.
And we have our GPS device in the Bible and in prayer, things I desperately need in my life and driving.

One thought on “Discipleship: Follow Me

  1. Thanks for sharing this GREAT sermon illustration! Got the link from my daughter’s FB post. Hugs and blessings, s

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