More Than One Way

During my RIM event, a colleague (well, actually more like a mentor) dropped by and we had a brief 5 minute chat before dinner started. That 5 minute conversation had more of an impact than the entire 2 days of the church event. (Oops, I’m not saying that the RIM event wasn’t great, just his comment really struck home.”

We were talking about the Korean church, and he simply said, “You know, the Koreans have a certain way of loving God. And that’s great. And powerful. But the Korean way is not the only way, and we have to see and accept that. There are other ways of loving God.”

It’s something I definitely needed to hear.
There is a certain way I think about and view church and relationship with God.
But what works for me may not work with someone else.
Some of my colleagues engage in early morning prayer (my dad begins his around 4am). While I envy them, I just can’t get myself up and about that early in the morning. That doesn’t mean that when I engage in conversations with God, it’s meaningful or anything like that.
We’re different. And we show our love to God differently. Therefore there’s no one way to worship God nor to love God. We should have the freedom to love God the best way we possibly know how.
But of course, there are loop holes to this argument… so let me just add this: We can always, always do more in our pursuit of God.

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