Thoughts From Sunday

  1. I joked with my senior pastor that his sermon better lead me into speaking tongues. It did not happen. But it was a wonderful celebration of Pentecost, Baptisms and Confirmations, Graduating seniors… It was a wonderful day
  2. Our children’s musical was fantastic! Thank you for all the people who put so much work, effort and dedication to make it happen. Can’t wait to see what you guys will do next year
  3. Jesus did quite a few “ministry moments” over food. 2000 years later, food is still an important ministry tool. A lot of conversations (both deep and light) happen over food.
  4. I want to challenge my youth (and definitely myself) to move beyond our bubble and comfort zone to do something really wonderful in the name of God.
  5. I also want to challenge the young people to stand up and take ownership of our ministry. I want them to be empowered by God’s Spirit and lead the rest of us on a journey of doing God’s mission.
  6. On a completely different side note, I thoroughly enjoyed the last episode and the last 6 years of Lost. As lame as it sounds, I do feel like I lost a friend for 6 years. The entire final episodes were filled with ‘ooohs’ and ‘yays’ and chills.

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