Quick Thought on Guaranteed Appointments

Apparently, there has been some buzz about the possible introduction of a thought to get rid of guaranteed appointments come next General Conference… or something of that matter.

I do know that it’s nowhere near being officially official, but that didn’t stop from people talking about it.

My first immediate thought was this: that might finally wake us up.
I say that because the fear of not having a guaranteed appointment next year might really make us try and make our current appointment work. I, for one, think it’ll help reduce the feeling of entitlement and complacency.

But of course, I don’t really know much about anything.  However, I’m sort of okay with that.

One thought on “Quick Thought on Guaranteed Appointments

  1. I agree about it reducing the feeling of entitlement and complacency. What I’m not sure of is the thought of doing away with guaranteed appointments but maintaining the itinerant system as is. I think many checks and balances should be put in place. Otherwise those put in positions of power might be awful tempted to abuse that power in regards to sending pastors to appointments or not. I’m also not fond of the rhetoric in this debate that makes it sound like effectiveness in ministry is only on the clergy. There are plenty of churches/congregations that are more interested in self-preservation than they are ministry. Would they not be guaranteed to have a pastor?

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