Thoughts from Sunday

  1. Despite what our political stance may be, we still need to honor those who have served and continue to serve. One of my favorite shows is Friday Night Lights, and Matt Saracen (a character) lost his father, who served the military. Matt didn’t have that much of a good relationship with his father, but the euology he gave brought both my wife and me (albeit secretly) to tears.
  2. Today’s sermon was definitely one of those sermons where I was preaching to myself and no one else.
  3. We need to constantly push one another outside of our comfort zone. Following Christ involves taking one uncomfortable step after the other.
  4. Jesus never said that everything will be okay once we become Christians. I don’t understand how many people take the statement “the world will hate you because of me” and think “everything will be nice and easy because of me.” Jesus, though, promised that he will be with us with every single step that we take. Continued to thought 5
  5. Jesus consistently and continuously ruins my life. But for the better. I hope that we continue to ask God to burden our hearts with what burden God’s.
  6. As Mother Teresa said: Do little things with great love.
  7. I’ve been at Valencia UMC for about a month and a half, and I see the things that God is doing through the church and through myself. May we continue to push ourselves to work beyond the campus of our church. The Church is not a building, nor should it be confined to a building.
  8. Eventually, I’ll get to a point in my ministry where I’ll have to preach consistently. Until then, I am thoroughly enjoying not preaching on a regular basis. I am asking God to make me like a sponge to absorb everything, and see that everything is Spiritual.
  9. I thoroughly was blessed throughout our worship celebration. Thanks be to God!

One thought on “Thoughts from Sunday

  1. Joe, your sermon today was awesome. I heard it twice and it hit home for sure. Very well done. Keep it up. Can’t wait to hear you again.

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