• Rethinking ReThink Church

    I believe it was Craig Groeschel who wrote in a blog post that the United Methodist Church might have been better off spending the 20 million or so on planting new churches rather than this ReThink church ad campaign. I, for one, have stated that I was never a big fan of this whole ReThink… Continue Reading

  • Contact Sport

    Jim Griffith told us that “ministry is a contact sport” meaning that we need to continuously make contact with people… meaning that we can’t just be holed up in our office the entire time… meaning that sometimes we, as pastors, need to make contact with people who may not attend our church… of course, again,… Continue Reading

  • Sunday Reflections

    * Got to meet former pastor of this church. He was great! Brownie points for using Talledega Nights movie clip. * Instead of telling God how big our problems are, we should be telling our problems how big God is * Blessings to Steve and Taylor, 2 youth who are heading to Honduras with SSP… Continue Reading

  • 4 Years

    4 years ago today, at Christ United Methodist Church in Honolulu, HI we got married. whoop!

  • Our Altar

    Yesterday at Youth, I got the youth to go around the church campus and find rocks and to bring them to the front of the church. They each brought up their rocks and stacked them up. We read about the Jacob, how he made a pillar and called it Bethel after having his dream. It… Continue Reading

  • Sunday Thoughts

    * I have tremendous amount of faith in the youth and that we will do amazing things with God * Thanks to all the musicians who serve at our church. Great worship celebration! * Prayer is a discipline that is desperately needed in all our lives * We’re never TOO BUSY to pray. We just… Continue Reading