Sunday Reflections

– there’s a saying that goes “the walls have ears” but it can be true that our ears have walls
– prayer is an important  discipline in our lives that often gets ignored. We’re too busy or too tired, etc and prayer falls and falls on our list of priorities.
– Our youth are immensely talented. I am honored to spend time with these kids on a weekly basis
– Youth ministry that is done for youth, through youth and with youth might render healthy and strong outcomes
– Challenge from Service was: “Pray for something big.” I’m praying for something big.
– A strong and healthy youth ministry can only help strengthen the overall church. Sometimes I wonder why many churches, then, shafts the youth ministry in many ways. And then those same churches complain about the lack of young people’s involvement in church life.
– It’s going to be a hot summer. yeesh.
– Overall, I am praying for a time of refreshment from the Lord in our lives, our community and our church.

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