Sunday Thoughts

* I have tremendous amount of faith in the youth and that we will do amazing things with God
* Thanks to all the musicians who serve at our church. Great worship celebration!
* Prayer is a discipline that is desperately needed in all our lives
* We’re never TOO BUSY to pray. We just have our priorities mixed up. When our priorities are straight, we’ll see that we have more than enough time to be with God.
* There are things that get in our way of hearing God. What are some of the things for you?
* What are somethings you need to place on the altar as a sacrifice for God?
* Coming later this week: our make-shift altar at Valenica UMC
* Annual Conference this week. Anyone wanna pretend they’re me? I’m not that well known. No one would really know. Besides, I can’t even vote on anything.

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