Our Altar

Yesterday at Youth, I got the youth to go around the church campus and find rocks and to bring them to the front of the church.
They each brought up their rocks and stacked them up.
We read about the Jacob, how he made a pillar and called it Bethel after having his dream.
It was a nice reminder that God is everywhere, and worship can happen at any time, any place. It helped that it was a beautiful evening. Not a cloud in the sky and the weather had considerably cooled down.

But also, we talked about the thousands of distractions that get in our way of hearing God’s voice.
People laid their sacrifices on altars, and we talked about things we can try to sacrifice in our lives for the name of God.
For me, electronics are the death of me. Often times, I’m online way too much that I’m offline with God.

What are the things that get in your way of experiencing God?
What are the (unnecessary) noises in your life that pollutes your ears from hearing God’s voice?

We can’t ever be too busy for God to pray.
When we find ourselves saying that, we have our priorities mixed up. When we put God first, everything else will fall into place in our lives. I’m not just saying that, Jesus said it by telling us to seek first, the Kingdom of God.
When we feel distant from God, we need to examine our lives and see where God lies in our list of priorities.
We can’t ever be too tired for God.
God is our strength and the giver of strength as well.

There aren’t many things I can guarantee, but I can guarantee this for sure:
When we carve out time for God everyday, we will be able to handle what the world throws us a bit better.
Now don’t think I’m saying life will be easier, but I’m saying that dealing with life will be a bit more manageable, because we’ll be intimately connected with God.
And perhaps we’ll start experiencing what Paul said when he said, “I can do everything through him who gives me strength.”

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