Contact Sport

Jim Griffith told us that “ministry is a contact sport” meaning that we need to continuously make contact with people… meaning that we can’t just be holed up in our office the entire time… meaning that sometimes we, as pastors, need to make contact with people who may not attend our church… of course, again, meaning that we need to be outside of the office in order to do so.

My goal is to make one contact a day.
Of course, this goal seems very ambitious so I had to curve the rules and expectations a bit. (I know, lame.)
I’m a terrible introvert.
So, the first plan of my goal is to pray that for the day, God will make me an extrovert AND that I’ll have enough energy and life, so that when I return home, I’m still able to be a fully alert and good husband.
Where it gets “lame” is how I defined contacts.
First, since I’m still new here at my new church, when I go to places and people say hello to me, I don’t know what their names are (sorry.) So, those people that I run into, and not part of the staff, that’s a contact.
When I meet other pastors or members of other churches, I count that as a contact.
When I meet a stranger, even if that stranger never finds out what I do as a living and who my life belongs to, that’s still a contact.
When I feed a squirrel outside on the church parking lot. Contact!
Okay, the last one, I’m obviously kidding.

Ministry is a contact sport.
So get out of the office, and make a contact with someone!

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