• Things That Happen @ Starbucks V

    It’s Friday night. I’m at Starbucks working on my sermon for this Sunday. My week has been thrown off due to this untimely sickness. I haven’t been to a Starbucks on Friday night in ages. It’s different on a Friday night. You see more couples coming in and going out. Some stay and linger in… Continue Reading

  • Something That No One Can Take Away

    I was flipping through old journal entries and came across this from a while ago. I can’t remember if there was something specific going on in my life, or if it was a general “write what’s on my mind” type of entry. But after reading a couple of passages in 1 Samuel and 2 Samuel,… Continue Reading

  • Spiritual Warfare

    Hmmm… as I type this post, there may be some who think I’m crazy and maybe there will be some who will agree with me. But honestly, I don’t really care. (Ha!) While I don’t like using the term “Spiritual Warfare” (I’m not smart/coherent enough to think of a better term), I fully believe that… Continue Reading

  • Things Happen in 3 for SSP

    We returned safely (huge relief) from SSP (Sierra Service Project) yesterday. But, boy, was it an adventure. At least for me. On the way to SSP, a semi truck ran over a piece of tire debris on the road. I guess the truck was going fast, because the debris flew straight toward us. I thought… Continue Reading

  • Ministry is a Team Sport

    C’mon. Be honest. We all have once thought, “If it weren’t for the people, ministry would be so much easier.” And I’m sure it’s the truth, to a point. Also, there are times where we’ve felt that we needed to do things for things to be done right. Put it in someone else’s hand… outcomes… Continue Reading

  • Stand-Up Comedians

    I like stand-up comedy and have been watching Last Comic Standing. When I went to seminary and realized that I needed to take preaching classes, I rented various of stand-up comic’s DVDs and watched how they told stories and studied how they talked, how they entertained, their body language, how they commanded the stage and… Continue Reading

  • Aging Rock Stars

    So, last week, probably Friday, we were at my parents’ house. Because they don’t have cable, I was watching the musical act for Jimmy Kimmel Live, which happen to be Ozzy Osbourne. Not my type of music. At all. But here he was, this 61 year old man, rocking in front of an audience that’s… Continue Reading