Things Happen in 3 for SSP

We returned safely (huge relief) from SSP (Sierra Service Project) yesterday.
But, boy, was it an adventure. At least for me.
On the way to SSP, a semi truck ran over a piece of tire debris on the road. I guess the truck was going fast, because the debris flew straight toward us. I thought it was high enough that it’ll fly over my car completely. But I was wrong. The piece of tire hit the top right corner of the window, leaving a crack that stretched all the way to the bottom of the windshield. It hit us hard enough that pieces of glass were found on the student riding shotgun. But, everyone was safe. Maybe we got a bit rattled. We made it to Flagstaff, where we were going to stay for the night.
Thankfully, the Flagstaff airport had a mini van available for rent. We called to get the windshield fix, and they said that the car could be fixed by Wednesday.
No biggie, we had a mini van that we rented to temporarily replace the one with a huge spider-web crack in the windshield. The window people told us to leave the car (Ford Flex) at the hotel parking lot, to which the hotel manager said that was fine with them.
So off to the reservation we go. To Teec Nos Pos in AZ.
All went well until the last day of work. We had just finished the concrete ramp that we were supposed to build, and we all piled up in the to the mini van (which was a replacement for the rented Flex) to go to lunch when *POP*.
I got out of the car to see that the front left tire of the rental for the rental was completely flat.

I have to admit, out of anger and frustration, the kids might have heard some non-PG words.
I was still fuming when one of the staff looked at me and said “What’s with you and tires?” It took me a second to make the connection, that on the way here, we had a minor set back with flying tire debris.
Of course, this would happen to me!
It was funny and we all had a good laugh about it. Although, being in the middle of the reservation made it difficult to replace the tire. But everything worked out. For now. We’ll see what I’ll have to deal with when the rental company calls me about the tire.

So when it came time for us to go home, naturally, I was a bit nervous about all the things that can go wrong.

But thanks be to God, we made it home. Safe. Car and people in one piece.

This morning, I got up to take  the Flex to the carwash so we can return it to the person who generously got it for us, close to being new.
I’m sitting outside reading, when one of the employees came up to me and asked if I had a spare key because the key was locked in the car. *Doh*

I was at the carwash for about 2 hours waiting for the locksmith they called to come and unlock the car.
But I wasn’t mad. It was just really funny. And I felt like God was just toying with me today.

But everything is said and done. I’m glad to no longer have the Flex with me, as if that was the source of my luck. I figure since bad luck often seems to come in threes, I should be okay. For now.

Needless to say, these were only a few things that contributed to the great week that was SSP.

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