• Church Growth Doesn’t Mean You’re Healthy

    I’m tired of people having church growth as their number one goal for their church. Personally, I think that’s a lousy goal to have. Why not focus on what Jesus said in the Great Commission and what the UMC motto is: to make disciples for Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world? “But,” some… Continue Reading

  • Full Time Pastor, Part Time Clergy

    Earlier this month, I had a late dinner at Denny’s with good friends in the ministry. We talked about our ministries and things we are witnessing in the faith community and things that we like to see happening, not only in our churches, but the faith community, overall. We reflected on the fact that too… Continue Reading

  • You Are Loved

    from our weekly emails to youth, parents and those who have a heart for youth ministry at Valencia UMC. If you want to receive these weekly updates, please email me at jyoo@umcv.org. A couple of youth on facebook joined a fan page called “you are loved.” And the truth is, you are loved. Whether you… Continue Reading

  • Coming to Church with Our Best Foot Forward

    Yesterday I was at my office (read: Starbucks) and the staff was cleaning like crazy. It was beyond the regular cleaning that they do. I mean, they were cleaning the cracks, nooks and wherever their rags, brooms and mops would reach. One of the guys furiously rubbed the back of a chair to get off… Continue Reading

  • Perhaps It’s a Lose-Lose Situation

    ´╗┐Before we go on with the blog post, some reflections from Sunday: I know that my senior pastor is smart. Why? Because he thinks like me. Lol. 80% of people come to church because they were invited! Both worships were simple and great. Thanks to Andrew H. for leading a wonderful and God-filled time of… Continue Reading