• In All Things, God Works For The Good

    Lot had escaped the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, but lost his wife in the process. Lot and his daughters began their new lives in a cave. The two daughters began to worry about the future. There were no other men around. How will they get married and have children, or as the older daughter… Continue Reading

  • For the Love of Xerxes

    I was reading Esther for my upcoming sermon for the 10th. And realized that a lot more happened in the “Beauty Pageant” that named the successor to Queen Vashti. By the way… did anyone find the story of Vashti a bit funny? I mean, she refuses the king’s request, as was her right. The dude… Continue Reading

  • No Greater Love Than…

    I feel like this is going to a post of hodgepodge thoughts, so here we go: I don’t like when people use JUST the argument the “bible says so.” I get it. It’s in the Bible. But what you pulled out of it was just a small section to further validate your thought. I say… Continue Reading

  • Entertainment for Christian Folk

    Sorry for the lack of updates. Most of my focus has been on finishing the rough draft of these darn ordination papers. But recently, I had a conversation with a friend and she suggested that I watch Fireproof starring Kirk Cameron or watch To Save A Life. Both of these movies were (at least seems… Continue Reading

  • Sometimes It Just Sucks

    Sorry for being a bit MIA. I was just digesting what happened to me, and I have to say, I’m still a bit annoyed about the whole ordeal. We had someone come in our campus after a mission project. He said he was in a bad shape and just needed some assistance. I got called… Continue Reading