Longer Than 140 Characters (or 420 for that matter, facebook)

Was watching the news this past week and they featured a story about Christians gathering in Sacramento at the capitol building to fervently pray for California over the decision to overturn a certain proposition. These Christians were praying, crying, yelling, rocking back and forth and just fervently praying to God for our state. In public.
I admired their courage. I admired their commitment and dedication to their beliefs.

But I had to wonder… when was the last time Christians gathered at the capitol building to pray and plea for the rights of the homeless and the poor? Maybe it’s just my theology and what I am passionate about, but I still think that the issues of poverty and homeless is a bigger cry of injustice and an issue that Christians should rally around and pray for.

At the same time, a voice whispered in my head “what are you doing about it?”

Take a listen to this song

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