• My Mentor-Mentee Covenant

    This is the covenant that I drafted for myself and my mentor. I just emailed it to him. I wonder how much we’ll keep before sending it in to the BOOM. (Board of Ordained Ministry) We will: Be honest and open with one another by agreeing that whatever is shared in our meetings, it is… Continue Reading

  • Back to Basics

    from our weekly newsletter It’s been about six months since I have been part of the VUMC family. I’m also heading towards the end of my life, because I mean, what’s to life after 30? About a week before I left for Ohio, I’ve been in a very reflective mood. I have been thinking about… Continue Reading

  • We Are Sent People

    If you were to ask me, “besides God’s love and grace, what is one of the major themes in the Bible?” I’d look at you, and first, wonder why in the world you want to know this, then second, look off into the distant space in deep thought, pondering to come up with an answer,… Continue Reading

  • Priorities

    from our weekly update newsletter What’s the first thing that slips from your list of to-do things when you get busy? And be honest. How far would it be from the truth if I dared to guess that God was the one of the first things that slip from our mind? I only guess that… Continue Reading

  • Off To Ohio!

    Tomorrow, I’ll be heading to Ginghamsburg Church, along with other VUMCers, for the Change the World training event. Updates on the blog will probably be sparse. Just wanted to let my one or two readers know that. Alright. Cool.

  • From our Refresh Weekly Email

    I think there is one universal regret that people have on their bed, regardless of gender, class, race, culture, and faith. No one really ever lies on their death bed thinking “I wish I made more money” or “I wish I was more famous” or “I wish I did catch ’em all” But I think… Continue Reading