My Mentor-Mentee Covenant

This is the covenant that I drafted for myself and my mentor. I just emailed it to him. I wonder how much we’ll keep before sending it in to the BOOM. (Board of Ordained Ministry)

We will:

  • Be honest and open with one another by agreeing that whatever is shared in our meetings, it is confidential
  • Be honest in a loving and graceful way. I (Joseph) will want my mentor (Andy) to be open with praise, criticisms, suggestions, and advice while mentoring me through the process
  • Understand that this will not be a gripe-fest but a time of learning, reflecting and sharing
  • If trust is violated and we cannot continue in the mentoring relationship, respectfully and gracefully allow the other person to walk out of the covenant. If the matter is too deep  to resolve by simply exiting out of the covenant relationship, then the issue will be resolved by a duel to the death (in love and grace) by weapons of our choice from the Science-Fiction realm. I, Joseph, choose the light saber, along with all the Jedi power that exists, as my weapon of choice.

Purpose of Meetings

  • The overall plan for the journey is to get the mentee to become a full member of the Cal-Pac Conference
  • We will meet at least 3 times a year, for at least an hour, at an agreed upon location, preferably Mos Eisley Cantina
  • We will talk about ministry, visions, paper writing process, ordination, candidacy, and any other ministry/UMC related issues that may come up
  • Everything discussed will be confidential. Of course, if the duel to the death event happens to arise, family, friends, and other clergy shall be notified so that they may watch, cheer for the duelers and, ultimately be entertained. Due to the large amount of clergy in attendance, we are sure that there will be enough capable people to console the loser’s family
  • It is expected that the Mentee takes the initiative to set up a meeting

We, the undersigned, enter into a covenantal relationship and commit ourselves to fulfill the details of the covenant given above. It is our hope and prayer that in this process of sharing and mentoring we will learn from each other. We make this covenant in the name of Jesus Christ.

Mentor _______________________________________________

Mentee _______________________________________________

Date _____________________________

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