• All I Can Do Now is Wait

    And sometimes, the waiting is the worst part. But ’tis the season for waiting, I guess. Some of us can’t wait until we can open the Christmas presents that has been taunting and teasing us under the Christmas tree. What’s in it? Did I get what I asked for? The anticipation is killing me! For… Continue Reading

  • Youth Ministry in Suburbia

    For over two years now, I have had the opportunity to serve in a church in a rather affluent suburban city. I have been learning a lot about ministry in suburbia. (In the near future, I plan on sharing my experiences in serving in a Korean context for 7 years in a paid position.) I… Continue Reading

  • Volunteering vs. Serving

    Perhaps you will argue that this post is all about semantics. But sometimes, semantics affect our thinking and the way we do things a lot more than you’d think. Why not take a moment and reflect on what these two words (serving and volunteering) mean to you? Why not reflect on how they may be… Continue Reading

  • Not I Was. Not I Will Be. But I AM.

    So. I guess it’s inevitable. No matter how hard you pray to God, time doesn’t stop. In just a short few days, I’ll reach a milestone in my life: 30 years of existence. I remember being 15 and thinking 30 is soooo far away. But now, it’s right around the corner. When I finally got around… Continue Reading

  • Who Does Your Heart Belong To?

    from our weekly newsletter The first two commandments states: You shall have no other gods before me and you shall not make yourself an idol. We know how dangerous idolatry is. We know that we should have no other gods before God, and that God is a very jealous God. No one would state that “I… Continue Reading

  • Do You Want To Get Well – Follow Up

    I realized that it sounded like I was promoting one form of worship more than another. I meant something deeper than that. I tweeted earlier this week that “worship service has become more of a service to ourselves than a service to God.” I truly believe that. We fight about music, about liturgy, about the… Continue Reading

  • Do You Want To Get Well?

    What would you say to a man like this? He is overweight. Never exercises. Eats very unhealthily. Burgers. Steak. Deep fried food. Hardly any green or fruit in his diet. Then, he has a heart attack. The doctors had to perform surgery, but he survives the heart attack. The doctor gives the man warnings and… Continue Reading