Who Does Your Heart Belong To?

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The first two commandments states: You shall have no other gods before me and you shall not make yourself an idol.
We know how dangerous idolatry is. We know that we should have no other gods before God, and that God is a very jealous God.
No one would state that “I worship idols” or “I have other gods before God.” No one would say that. No one probably even believes that.
But, occasionally, we need to engage in heart check-ups. We need to let the Healer check us out and see where problems may lie. At times, we may even need a heart transplant.
With our words, we may say “My heart belongs to God and God alone.” But do our actions reflect our words? Where do we focus our time, energy and life on?
God wants nothing more than our full hearts, but we’re more inclined to give God part of our hearts.
The demands of the world are too much.
While busyness is good, it’s not a spiritual gift.
And it continues to boggle my mind how I can be in ministry and still have my heart belong to the ministry and the church, but not God. You would think, doing God’s work will lead you closer to God. But it doesn’t often happen that way. Sometimes pastors focus too much on the work itself, and not on God, and while they may be doing ministry, they wander from further away from God. That’s why pastors may burn out or fall into deep temptation.

I read a quote somewhere that said “How do you spell love? T-I-M-E.” I thought it was corny. But it makes sense. By looking at where your time is spent, what does your life seem to say that it loves most? Are you happy with the answer? Are you surprised by the answer?
Or are you, like me, thinking, “If there were 30 hours instead of 24 in a day…”
I can stand here and testify to you, God only helps with our busyness. When we give God the priority, everything else seems more manageable. When we stop being control freaks and hand the controls over to God, suddenly 24 hours a day seems just right. There’s a reason why Jesus said “seek first the kingdom of God.”

The world seems more manageable, the burden lighter to bear. And why wouldn’t it? The CREATOR of the universe is walking along with you.

So how much of your heart belongs to God?
God wants all of it, not just parts of your heart.
Put God first and see how that turns your life upside down. For the better.

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