• On the Drive To Church

    So. I grabbed a quick lunch with the wife at Jersey Mike’s in Stevenson Ranch. She was taking me back to church so that I can get ready for our Christmas Eve worship services. We are going to look for a different place to live within the Santa Clarita Valley, when our lease is up… Continue Reading

  • It’s Almost Christmas…

    This past week, I had a bunch of ideas for blog posts. They’re all stored under drafts, so that I can get to them in the new year. But. Before I forget. I just wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas. and let me just say, if your Christmas tree does not look like… Continue Reading

  • That’s Not Fair!

    In Hawaii, I somehow got roped into babysitting at a church event. All of us young second-generation Korean pastors have a joke that the Korean title for “assistant pastor” really means “cheap labor.” But there I was in the nursery, with a handful of kids 2-7 who were a handful. And, I can’t remember how… Continue Reading

  • Mac & Cheese

    I’m writing this post based on something that happened this past weekend that I’m thoroughly (can’t emphasize that enough) embarrassed about. I debated whether to blog about this or not, because it makes me look real, real bad. And no body would know about it, because it all happened within my head. But I learned… Continue Reading

  • Things I Worry About Before I Preach

    As I prepare for tomorrow’s sermon, I Believe in Yesterday in our Advent Series of Let It Be… Christmas: A Story told by Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Paul, George and Ringo… there are always some fears and worries that go through my mind before the day I preach. I mean, sure, I’m always concerned about… Continue Reading

  • You’re Not a Good Friend

    Many Christians are familiar with the song “What a Friend We Have in Jesus.” Most Christians know that Jesus is our friend, and that we can call him “my friend.” Or as Hillsong once sang, “Jesus, you are my best friend. You will always be and nothing will ever change that.” In James 2:23, James… Continue Reading