Enjoying Some Time Off

Vacation. Yay.
I haven’t done a single productive thing since break. Check that. I led my Redskins to a Super Bowl victory on Madden 2011 with a rookie quarter back. (I traded Donovan and my second round pick for a first pick).

It’s been a nice change of pace.
Catching up on a lot of reading that I’ve been putting off because of my ordination papers.

I’ve just been… taking time to enjoy the little things in life. Like the way the warmth of my Starbucks cup feels in my hand, got some new music to listen to, being super annoying to my wife 🙂

Its the little things that remind me how great God is and the little things that remind me how loved I am by God and the people around me.

This Sunday, we’re going to go worship at Mosaic with members of my small group. Looking forward to that.

This post was lame, but just wanted to remind my one or two readers (I’m expanding!) that I’m alive and haven’t forgotten to bore you with my thoughts.


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