Things That Happen @ Starbucks

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I’m currently at a Starbucks near where my wife works.
I don’t know if it’s because there are lots of people here, but, man, the Internet is super, super slow.
I found myself getting more and more irritated, frustrated and annoyed. Nothing would’ve been more satisfying than taking my computer and throwing at one of the employees. That’s how slow their connection is.

Then of course, there’s that voice in my head that never, ever leaves me alone. “Boy, what a good problem to have,” the voice said in my head, using my voice. The voice went on. And on. Until I got the point.

I don’t know what makes us feel so entitled to have things.
And I don’t know how we have become so impatient. CK Louis did a great stand-up routine about this, that I don’t want to link because of his language. Youtube it, or something.

I remember how exciting it was to have AOL dial up. The sound that it made as it was connecting to the Internet. It didn’t seem forever to have the pages load back then. But now…

Anyway. I should stop getting stressed out about the smallest of things. There are bigger things to worry about. But more importantly, there are thousands of things that bring joy to my life and even more things that are blessings.

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