Dear KFC, This Ain’t Right

So. During small groups tonight, someone mentioned, briefly, about KFC and instantly, I had a jonesing for some chicken. Hot wings at that, even though I had eaten before going to small group.
The wife’s out of the country, so I figured, What the heck? I’ll eat my loneliness away.

I drove to KFC and ordered their 5 piece hot wings, for a light snack.

I got home. Warmed up some rice and got me some kimchi, the only way to eat some chicken.
Half way through the first wing, I realized that it’s a bit red. So, I went and looked through all 5 pieces. And all 5 were red. I took pictures of the two worst offenders.


This ain't right, KFC


Yea. I had a decision. Just let it go, or drive back to KFC.
It was just too red to let it go.
So I drove back to KFC. Annoyed.
But, I decided not to get angry at them. It’ll only make things worse. There’s no need to ruin someone’s evening by being belligerent and nasty, even if I may have the right to be (though I don’t think I did).

I went up to the lady and said, “Hey. I don’t think the chicken’s supposed to be this red.”
And she was a bit shocked (though it almost sounded like she feigned it), but still. She was apologetic. I got my 3 bucks back.

I feel a bit uneasy still. My mind is picturing the worst scenario possible. I feel a bit funny inside, albeit, it may be from trying to down some chicken, whilst already full. A sin, itself.

But. I don’t know. To be honest, I’m not completely satisfied. I sent the same info to
I should just stop thinking about it.

But. If I’m not at work tomorrow… you know why.

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